Saturday, October 2, 2010

“Re-Elect Rhee.”

This is a bumper sticker that I noticed on someone’s vehicle yesterday leaving the Giant in Columbia Heights. I hope whoever this person is, she reads my blog. Woman, you should be slapped. That bumper sticker is asinine on so many levels. First of all, Rhee wasn’t elected, idiot, she was appointed by Fenty. Clearly, if you support Rhee, you support Fenty. Naturally leading to a bumper sticker that says “Fenty” in white lettering with a green background. If I could make a Rhee bumper sticker it would read: “Punch Rhee in the face.” I’m so bitter.

I just despise people who keep losing bumper stickers on their cars. Granted, Fenty only lost about two weeks ago in primary elections, but still. A bumper sticker that says “Re-elect Rhee” should be immediately removed for not only shame, but pure stupidity. Rhee isn’t supposed to be a politician. Of course she is and I suppose no one can escape politics here.

It did warm my heart when I read in the Express that Rhee was “…near tears” after her meeting with Vincent Gray, democratic nominee for the District. The thought of anyone bringing her to tears got me giddy. It was as though someone was finally able to tear down her sociopathic façade. Poor Rhee, her life’s work down the drain because of Fenty’s arrogance. Hahahaha.

Anyway, no more politics, let’s get down to business. I actually will tell you a tale about yesterday, in my new, wonderfully run small, private school for emotionally disturbed students from DCPS. We were all at lunch enjoying the Dominoes that they had delivered for the students and the staff. This is truly a great place to work.

Well, one of our favorite students, Mark, was standing up and being loud, trying to engage the teacher in conversation, as usual. He loves the attention he gets from us. But I have to hand it to the kid, he’s pretty damn funny. Anyway, one of the teachers said to him, “Man, don’t come back with that Mr. Rogers sweater on Monday.” To which Mark replies, “It’s sexy, man. I’m bringing sexy back.”

Everyone laughs at this comment. This kid is amazing. He’s quoting Justin Timberlake right after he tells us he’s going to come in on Monday with a black eye because he has to fight a group of kids that have been harassing him. Mark, where are your homies? Apparently, he rides solo, looking out for only himself. This kid is one of kind.

I look at my life today and can’t imagine that there was ever a time when I hated my job. It’s just that when you work somewhere that’s sane, it makes such a difference. Yesterday, my boss came in because we were making so much noise playing a Jeopardy review game. I didn’t get nervous at all.

Why? Because he knows I’m doing a good job. He knows that because he sees the kids engaged. He doesn’t need DCPS’s Teaching and Learning Framework to tell him that I’m a good teacher. He knows because he sees me staying late after school and coming in early in the mornings and he actually notices these things.

Our executive director makes fun of me all of the time. She says that my husband is going to divorce me because I work too much. I scoff at this remark, but it feels good to be appreciated. It’s something that I missed the two years that I taught in DC. Is this my life’s calling, teaching, that is? Probably not. In fact, some days, I’m super bummed that I’m just a teacher. But then again, with memories like Mark bringing sexy back, I don’t know. Maybe this is what I’m supposed to be doing after all.

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  1. I just found your blog. I hope residents will turn out to vote in the upcoming election the way they did in the primary. Gray needs our support and there is a write in campaign underway to get Fenty re-elected on Face book and Im sure through these crazy bumper stickers.

    Hope you will stop by The Washington Teacher blog.

    Candi Peterson
    The Washington Teacher