Friday, April 8, 2011

Kids with Guns

Every time I read about a shooting of a teen, I think to myself: "Is it one of my students?" I guess I'm nervous. I've had a student pass away. I have a colleague who has had several students die to the violence that's happening in the DC streets. What is going on here in urban America? Why does no one care about these poor kids?

This was the article I read today which made me think about these shootings:

It's only going to get worse now that the weather is getting warmer. More kids will be hustling, more kids will be outside, more kids will be shooting...

And yet it's spring, and love is in the air, which means there will be more babies being made and born into poverty. What is the answer for this generational poverty that is plaguing DC?

I believe that education is the key to success, but with students who are 5, 6, and 7 grade levels behind, how does one teacher make up for all that lost time? I have students who can barely add or subtract, let alone do long division or multiply!

There is no greater sense of urgency than in my classroom. Every minute spent off task and not working is a minute that's lost to the race for closing the achievement gap and helping these students reach out of poverty. I guess that's why I'm such a tough teacher. I know what we're up against.

I'm still fighting the battle, but it's getting tiring...

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