Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ms. S Returns

It's official. I'm a DCPS Central Office employee (no longer a gov't contractor). As of February, I work for the Office of Special Education on a very small team of intelligent, dynamic education reformers. I came home the other day and told my husband: "I had a good day today." This is a first since coming to live in DC and working for the school system that I actually enjoy what I do.

It's interesting how close I am to all of the policy decisions that are being made and it's so amazing to me how disconnected people at Central Office are from the local school level. I feel as though there are many people who don't actually understand the dynamics of the DC school system and the city itself. It's very much a niche district. What works in NYC isn't necessarily going to work here. It can be frustrating, but I feel like I advocate for what will work for OUR students, not just some students in a case study. We'll see what exciting adventures (read: problems) this new job will bring.

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